Dynamic Loan Center


DLC is a 32-bit Windows client-server loan origination and processing system used for all phases of consumer lending automation. DLC will do the following:

  •  Automate credit bureau retrieval

  •  Transfer liability information from the credit report to the loan application

  • Display custom scorecard

  • Use existing loan types and loan codes

  • Display, populate and print custom laser forms required to process each loan type Calculate closed and open end loan payments and insurance premiums

  • Provide two special loan status queues used to alert managers automatically for high priority loans.  The queues can be searched by status, loan officer, loan writer or branch

  • Share the same database between all branches and users

  • Store applicant’s loan and credit history

  • Integrate with your accounting system using Marshall Software Solution's ExpressLink

  • Integrate with other data entry system(s), i.e. Internet

  • Provide several reports that help you analyze and interpret lending activity. Users can create their own reports with other applications such as Business Objects’ Crystal Reports or Microsoft Access.